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A Guide To Choose The Realm Type In World Of Wars

The first thing anyone would do when they install the World of Wars game in their PC is to choose a realm type to play the game. The choice highly depends on the people’s choice and the opinions differ from people to people. Some people might find PVE realm as the best experience while others get thrilled by choosing PVP realm. Choosing a realm is like choosing a religion for many players. Thus, the final decision is up to the players.

Different Types of Realm Types

World of Warcraft game offers four different types of realms from which the users can select one – PVP, PVE, RP and RP-PVP. But players need not be confused while selecting one out of these four. There is also an option to play in all the types of realms. The only restriction is that the character chosen for a realm belongs only to that realm. When the players are in a mood to play in the PVE realm, they can easily switch to that realm and when they are in a mood to fight, they can choose the PVP realm.

PVE (Player Vs Environment) Realm

The PVE realm is something where the player does not fight with another player. This realm is chosen when players want to play in a leisurely manner and do not want to indulge in a war. But there is also an option to turn on a PVP flag so that it allows an opposite party to attack the player. This flag is usually enabled in Battlefields so that the thrill of the PVP realm is also not lost. It is just that, in the PVE environment, some flavors of the PVP realm is given in a controlled and focused fashion.

PVP (Player Vs Player) Realm

PVP realm environment is similar to that of the PVE realm in every aspect. The battlefields, dungeons, areas and all the other aspects are same. The only difference that you can see is the territory where the player is protected. When the player leaves his territory, the PVP flag is turned on and the player gets attacked randomly at any point of time and from anywhere. And this is what many players find as the point of thrill.

When playing in the PVP realm, it is important to know certain points. A greater level player can kill a player in the lower level when the PVP flag is turned on. If one player sees another player with a red name, they will be killed immediately without question, whatever the level is or whatever the situation is.

PVP realms are not the ones for a fair fight. Any player can take advantage of another player if they are in a weak position. For them, it works to their advantage. There is no way the player can complain when another player who is levels above him, sits on him and kills him. This is not against the rule and can happen though not so frequently.

Players must never be afraid of playing in the PVP environment. You can also call some friends or professional gaming sites. These gaming sites help the players in a legitimate manner so that the player can be anywhere he wants to be. But be careful about the sites that cheat and risk the player’s account.

RP (Roleplay)

Roleplay are also like PVE but the difference is that there is Roleplay involved. RolePlay realms are places where role players who have similar mindset can be found. This is a place where the player has the scope to tell stories and find people.

RP-PVP (Roleplay Vs Player)

They have the characteristics of both the PVP and Role Playing realms. Players can do role-playing and at the same time, get into action as in PVP realms.

Choosing the Realm

As discussed above, choosing the realm is based on what the player wants. Though few realms have been there from the time the game started, some are new to the game. The newer realms have fewer guilds and thus, the population is also less there.

To find out which realms to choose, it is better to follow the recommendations of the game itself. From there, start by looking into the forums and places where recruitments take place. There are so many guilds that are on a look out for the new player. This will be the starting point for your game.

When you progress into higher levels and your expertise level is getting better, then you will know what you really want. You can then change to the different realms and shift to a different guild.